Communicating climate change through art in Greenland and Fiji

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“According to O’Kane the project’s aim is to exchange experience through art, and to explain, write and draw climate stories with children and young people in Greenland and the Pacific.   O’Kane explains that the artists involved, like himself, will seek to understand and learn from those who live with climate change today.”
Read more on UiB – KMD website here.

Climate and polar research – new approved interdisciplinary project from NFR

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“It is radically interdisciplinary! Central to the project is exchanging experiences through art, explaining, writing and drawing climate stories with children and young people in Greenland and the Pacific. We will understand and learn from those who live and work with the changes today, the changes that are already there. We learn from them, that’s what’s important, says Nisancioglu”

Read news article on UIB website here. (Article in Norwegian)

Funding allocated from the Norwegian Research Council

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“Over 140 million kroner to Bjerknes researchers.
Climate-art exchange, Arctic ice, cyclones, Norwegian fjords and much more! A total of 12 projects led by Bjerknes researchers were today supported by the Research Council of Norway.”

Read the news article on Bjerknes Center for Climate Research website. (Article in Norwegian)