Primary and secondary objectives of the project

To exchange knowledge of the impact of climate changes through climate narratives and co-creation of new knowledge in order to better assess the relevance of physical and biological climate changes and their societal consequences for indigenous communities.

  • Implement an artistic dialogue process to engage and share stories with indigenous communities.
  • Map in situ climate changes and identify local climate change responses and socio-cultural narratives.
  • Identify key physical processes governing the seasonality of stratification, sea ice, Atlantic inflow, glacier runoff and nutrient availability in a Greenland fjord.
  • Implement improved physical process understanding of fjord glaciers in a coupled global climate model.
  • Assess the impact of Jakobshavn Glacier on seasonal runoff, seasonal sea ice, local climate, and global sea level.
  • Identify impacts of changing physical conditions, on the seasonal marine ecosystem and local fisheries.