WP2 Art and Dialogue

WP leaders: Dr. Ragnhild Freng Dale (WNRI), Dr. Siri Veland (Norce). 
Key personnel: Dr.Andreas Hoffmann (Arctic Culture Lab, Ilulissat), Dr. Mathew Stiller Reeve (Konsulent Stiller-Reeve), Prof. Edvard Hviding (UiB), Prof. Eamon O’Kane (UiB).

Climate change research in the natural sciences often gathers data in regions where change is rapid and ongoing, but without connecting to the people who live in those regions and the ways in which social and environmental changes are interconnected in their communities. This lack of engagement foregoes opportunities to ensure the data gathering and knowledge generation is done in ways that benefit these communities. Moving the focus to the interconnections between humans and their environments, WP2 asks what matters for people locally in Greenland and the Pacific, regions that are at the forefront of climatic and social changes today. The activities will be facilitated in a longterm dialogue with local organisations, partners and artists, letting the needs, rights, and priorities of people in the regions lead the focus of the work. We work from the local context and extend our attention to exchanges of climate narratives across borders, generations, climates, cultures, and disciplines. We seek to understand what social and environmental changes are important locally and regionally, and in what ways the narratives of the natural sciences might weave into those of the artists and communities. 

Photo: Eamon O’Kane
Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands
Photo: Edvard Hviding