MapTales: An exciting Climate Narratives initiative where children exchange art between Osterøy and Ilulissat

In April – June Mathew Stiller-Reeve from Village Green will be hosting several art workshops in Osterøy and Ilulissat.  Mathew was originally a climate researcher, but now works as a freelancer, focusing on dialogue and how we can create meaningful exchanges of stories.

There is a long tradition of artists using maps in their practice. Maps are, ultimately, a narrative of how the mapmaker perceives or represents the world around them. Maps need not only be drawn; they can also be painted, danced, sung, or sculpted. Many traditional cultures around the world view cartography as something not limited to a single medium, such as the many Hula dances in Hawaiian culture.

We want to encourage children to think about maps in this way, so they understand that they can also create maps in a manner that resonates with them. They can use the medium that best aligns with their view of the world, their interests, or their culture.

Pictures from the last Art Exchange as part of the UiB/NORCE project TRACKS, that Mathew Stiller-Reeve worked on. That art exhange was between Bangladesh and Norway