Exhibition by Eamon O´Kane: oneiric nature

© Eamon O’Kane 2022

Climate Narratives CO-PI Eamon O’Kane opens new exhibition at Foreningen Trykkeriet in Bergen today. Address: Fjøsangerveien 70A , 5068 Bergen.
Exhibition period: 01.10.— 23.10.22

In his new exhibition Irish artist Eamon O’Kane presents new prints which explore memory, psychology and the natural world. The screen prints in the exhibition take their inspiration from the Baum Test, which is also known as the “Tree Test” and is a projective test developed by Swiss psychologist Charles Koch in 1952. It is used extensively across the world as a method of analyzing an individual’s personality and underlying emotional history. The prints are also inspired by another better known psychoanalytic tool the Rorschach or ink blot test. The prints are made from hand drawings of trees in Bergen and elsewhere in Scandinavia. O’Kane uses himself as a subject and prints the same mirrored trees over and over again entering in a meditative state in the process.
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