Rise: From One Island To Another

Recommended video to watch:

Two indigenous poets – one from the Marshall Islands and another from Greenland – meet at the source of our rising seas to share a moment of solidarity. Performed by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner and Aka Niviâna.

The short film was screened both at the Climate Narratives kick off meeting and at newly founded climate festival “Varmere, Våtere, Villere” in Bergen. A highlight for participants in both events.

Temperate Zone

Image/ill: UIB livestream

Bergen’s new climate festival “Varmere, våtere, villere” (“Warmer, wilder, wetter”) got off to a flying start led by UiB and the Bjerknes Center in the Aula on Wednesday 16 March. Here Kikki Kleiven directed and led the audience through lectures and debates about climate and sustainability. One of the features focused on the GEO project ClimateNarratives.
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