ClimateNarratives is an interdisciplinary research project in the climate sciences focusing on identifying risks, vulnerability, innovation and adaption possibilities for indigenous communities living along the coast og Greenland and on low-lying islands of the Pacific. Both of these communities live close to nature and to the ocean, and are facing new challenges and opportunities due to climate change: As the glaciers and the sea ice along the coast of Greenland retreats, new land is appearing and the fjords are opening; meanwhile, on low-lying island states of the Pacific, land is disappearing as the ice melts, and the communities are at an ever increasing risk of storm surges and floods.

What is novel with the ClimateNarratives project is the combination of climate science, social science and art together with local indigenous knowledge and narratives across cultures and generations in the search to identify challenges and possibilities in the face of current and as well as future climate changes.